"It‘s a never ending anguish, to make glass"
otto schott


Csonkaglas Ltd., functioning today as a group of companies, named Csonkagroup, was founded by Csonka Tivadar in 1982.

Several advantage of the family enterprise can be observed what the leading, directing of the 52 countries of 5 continents distributing group concerns. The production was started long time ago in a family house’s garage, and became for these days a production site with about 50 employees, with own headquarters on 2600 quadratmeter built in territory.

The company was partner of SCHOTT Jenaer Glas GmbH since 1996 concerning the production of heat resistant glassware. As the production of household glassware was stopped by the German company in 2005, Csonka és Fiai Ltd. took over the production of these products under an other new brand, named Trendglas, becoming this way one of the biggest manufacturer of heat resistant glass in Europe. By founding Trendglas Jena GmbH in 2006, the company became an international establishment.

In 2008 was founded the third company of CsonkaGroup in Marosvásárhely (Targu Mures, Romania), named Glascom Ltd. In the meantime, the Trendglas products succeeded in more and more countries of the world. The SOLO/GLOBE teapot family obtained in 2009 the „Teapot of the year„ titel from the German TeeGschwendner network, and is entitled to use the title of "Hungarian Handcraft Prime".

Today Csonkagroup is manufacturing/distributing household and laboratory glassware, glass tubes and crystal glasses, and his determining aim in the future is to develop the solar system protected by own patent.

1982 Year of foundation.

1986 Already we are working together with 16 employees on 300 quadratmeters.

1989 Obtaining a separate right for exports, taking part for the first time on foreign fair as exhibitor.

1994 The beginning of glass tubes distribution in Hungary, produced by SCHOTT Rohrglas.

1996 Opening the office and warehouse in Budapest, Hungary.

1998 Moving to a new headquarter in Sopron, Hungary – 2000 quadratmeter manufacturing teritory.

The beginning of skilled worker practical training method, unique in Hungary, based on EU Leonardo program.

1999 Introducing first in Hungary (and single in profession) the ISO 9002 system.

2003 Introducing ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System.

2005 Our partner, SCHOTT Jenaer Glas GmbH stopped the production of household glasswares. After buying the machines and moulds, we have started the production in Sopron.

We concluded a contract with Frank Rothe, an entrepreneur from Germany, which resulted a direct distribution of our hausware products worldwide.

Announcing and starting the production of a new trademark: Trendglas, which is already distributed by our partners in numerouse countries worldwide (as Japan, Korea, Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Kanada, USA).

2006 We took part with our products for the first time on the world biggest international consumer-goods fair, the Ambiente from Frankfurt. Founding Trendglas Jena GmbH seated in Jena/Germany. The company assignment is to introduce the Trendglas products in Germany and EU countries market.

2006 Building a new production hall (150 quadratmeters).

2007 IIntroducing SAP system (SAP Business One).

2008 Our Trendglas products succeeded in more and more countries of the world In order to develop our depositing cacapity, we started a new investment, which resulted a new 300 quadratmeters depositing hall.

The third company of CsonkaGroup was founded in Marosvásárhely (Targu Mures, Romania), named Glascom Ltd. (We closed it in 2013).

2009 We debuted on Ambiente with a new catalog, and we also presented at the fair the SOLO/GLOBE teapot family, which had a big success already in the first year of distribution: the product obtained the „Teapot of the year„ titel from the German TeeGschwendner network, and is entitled to use the title of "Hungarian Handcraft Prime".

Beginning of the solar system development protected by own patent.

2010 We became the exclusive Hungarian distributor of Stölzle Lausitz, producer of crystall glass.

2011 We have moved to another place (Soroksári út 150., 1095 Budapest) to offer our partners a better and fuller service.

2013 Our teapots SIGN 0.6 and 1.2 l won the iF Product Design Award 2013 and are entitled to wear the famous iF label. The iF Product Design Award is a worldwide acknowledged trademark of perfect design for 60 years now. The trademark iF is a long-established international symbol of excellent designer performance. Trendglas Jena joins to this prominent society.

Procurement of a glassworking lath. With this machine can be processed glass tubes with a diameter of 350 mm.

2014 As part of a large investment, the Sopron site is being expanded by a two-storey, 2 x 400 m2 large workshop with office space and workshops.

2016 The Sopron site will be further expanded, a new warehouse and a production hall will be built on 700 m2.

We are IF Design Award winners again, this year we have won the prestigious prize with the ILLOS and LUMOS teapots.

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