"It‘s a never ending anguish, to make glass"
otto schott

Laboratory glasses

Labóratóriumi eszközök csonkagroup

Csonka és Fiai Ltd. has been on the laborglass market since its foundation in 1982. Tivadar Csonka, the establisher, mastered his professional knowledge in the Investigate Institute for Glass Technology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Our family enterprise has been producing both small suite unique products and glassware in large run (more than 10000 pieces) since the beginning. The firm represents quality, precision, and reliability. We export our products to 52 countries worldwide.
Our experience ensures flexibility in the production which is manifested in the wide range of our products:

  • Csonkaglas®  and Duran®  laborglass
  • Csonkaglas®  technical glassware
  • Duran®  glass tubes
  • Trendglas Jena®  heat-resistant glass for domestic use

Laborglass and technical glassware:

In our manufacturing, top priorities are quality and reliability. ISO9001 quality control system has been adopted in our enterprise since 1999. Our products are made of  exclusively europian stocks (Duran® glass tubes and Duran® ground glass). We implement orders based either on technical drawings or on product samples. We can produce several thousands of pieces or as few as one or two pieces.

Condensers, Soxhlet extractors, vacuum receiver adapters, splash heads, Stutzer, distilling links, dropping funnels, separating funnels, flasks with standard ground glass socket, reactors, Rasching rings, test/culture tubes, etc.

Labóratóriumi eszközök csonkagroup
Labóratóriumi eszközök csonkagroup
Labóratóriumi eszközök csonkagroup
Labóratóriumi eszközök csonkagroup