"It‘s a never ending anguish, to make glass"
otto schott


Kandallóüvegek csonkagroup
‘We can manufacture the widest range of glass products tailored to the individual customer’s needs and we can do that using a number of processing technology options’, our manager once said - a statement that is true to this day.
We manufacture, among others, high quality glass balls, decorated in line with customer requirements, exquisitely shaped glasses for spirits, glass pipes in various sizes for fountains as well as glass parts for lighting technology.
Interior design has discovered glass for its purposes long ago. We have a wide range of glass products on offer also for decoration purposes. On demand we can also deliver glass panes for fireplaces (Schott glass ceramics) in any size requested. 
A novel technology these days is photo-biological equipment in which algae are used to ‘manufacture’ a number of products such as medicine, fuels, etc. In such closed reactors the glass optimally protects the contents from sunlight or weather, etc. Being easy to clean is yet another advantage. Our company is pleased to be at your disposal with complete glass systems and comprehensive solutions also in similar projects.

Thanks to our enhanced production capacities (in 2013-2014) we are in a position to offer our customers further hot and cold processing technologies. 

Areas and ideas where our products have already proved themselves:
  •  interior design
  •  decorative glasses
  •  photo-biological reactors
  •  fireplace panes
  •  glass balls
  •  glass fountains
  •  lighting technology

We have the following processing technologies from heat-resistant glass on offer:

  •  blowing
  •  blasting
  •  cutting (also lengthwise)
  •  grinding
  •  drilling
  •  flame polishing

Raw materials used include:

  •  glass pipes (diameter: 3 - 420 mm)
  •  glass rods (diameter : 4- 30 mm)
  •  profile glass tubes and rods
  •  mechanically manufactured semi-finished goods
  •  heat-resistant borosilicate glass 3.3
Kandallóüvegek csonkagroup
Kandallóüvegek csonkagroup
Kandallóüvegek csonkagroup
Kandallóüvegek csonkagroup